Technical Resources

AWS Tools

Here are some AWS services and resources to help you get started!

Alexa Skills and Amazon Pay

Skills are like apps for Alexa.

Resources for integrating Amazon Pay into your solution:

AI/ML and Amazon SageMaker

Build an AI-driven solution.

Serverless and Containers

Build and run applications and services without thinking about servers.


Centralized or multi-party ledger for your solution.

Data Resources

Fundraising & Program Delivery Data Resources

Cultural Institution Data Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Live Webinar

Be sure to check out the webinar that was held on May 27th from 12:00pm to 12:30 EDT to hear from three experts that shared more about the challenges nonprofits face and the ways in which the developer community can help organizations embrace digital solutions to improve donor engagement, enhance service delivery, and preserve cultural institutions. 

Webinar link


Not sure how to help? Below you will find sources of inspiration.