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Copyright concerns on codes submission

Must we submit and share our entire source codes into Github with Amazon? Entire source codes here means 100% of our entire system. For this competition, we are building on top of our existing system.

Or could we just show you a video on how the entire system works and provide a login info for you to test out the system. Since it’s stated above “Code will be used only for solution review and testing” thus it will be much easier for Amazon to test on our real system with demo account rather than having to deploy and setup another version locally.

Or could we just submit the part that relates to the competition? Let's say the updates we did as for the competition (on existing system).

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    Hi Melvin,

    Thanks for writing in. You should be fine to submit just the code you updated as part of your submission. Just be sure to note that somewhere on your submission so reviewers know what they're looking at and to avoid any confusion.

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